single Fin Surfboard

When You're Feeling Low and In The Flow...

6’1” x 14.25" x 19.75" x 13.5" x 2.875" thick

Still having flash backs from the seventies? Or wish you were? This single fin design is a flashback to the lines that were drawn by the soldiers of the shortboard revolution. Wide point forward, beak nose, pin tailed perfection. If you can’t find an old one at a garage sale, here is your chance to get the same feeling in new package. A great board for any shortboarder who gets tired of their potato chip sinking in not so perfect surf.

  • Slight concave
  • Flat middle
  • Pannel "V" in tail
  • Single Fin
  • Down rails
  • Hard edge in tail
  • Wings
  • Hard edge in tail
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